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Why hello. It is so nice to see you again. If you do not remember, my name is Marlena, and I am a comedy person in in Chicago. I do stand up, write for Just Great! (A Weekly Review), contribute to Paperweight Magazine, and produce Double Feature, a monthly stand up comedy & short film festival. You can find me on the internets.

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I love these dogs, and I’ve never met them. Boo means business. Buddy doesn’t look so sure of his guard dog skills.

I’ll just leave this here for the requisite daily dose of adorableness…

dis mah shi

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus is wearing absolutely nothing but the immortal words of Thomas Jefferson on our new cover.

JULIA LOUIS-DREYFUS HAS LOWER BACK DIMPLES?!!? one more reason to believe she’s a god.

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Thanks for this k bye.

Thanks for this k bye.

yup, this is the weirdest photo beyonce’s ever posted on tumblr. def tops the baby in the hot tub.


Forlorn TV episode 6! Donny and Fando are MUDDLE MOB. What is Muddle Mob? Yes.


Check out this new promo, for our March 26th show, starring a green screen, an orange cone, and Michelle Keaton!

And don’t miss this line up:

Megan Gailey

Chad Briggs

Taneshia ‘Just Nesh’ Rice

Tim Barnes

Melody Kamali

w/ Host Ian Abramson

CLICK HERE for tickets

though my body will be in Little Rock, AR, my soul will be at this show. SO GO!



Put your dancing shoes on! Vanessa’s about to teach you a sweet, new Beyoncé dance she learned. Check it out in the video we shot for the web with Lena Dunham last week!



Click here to watch Stephen Colbert celebrate Women’s History Month.

tell me about it grrrrrl



this guy cracked the yellow king theory wide open. 

This is the best

i thought i was onto it, but this is IT



I don’t have the biggest following, but this needs to be shared in every possible outlet. Hayley is important to so many people here, and they are literally trudging through marsh in the cold rain to find her. Vital information is missing in this case, such as the identity of the “group of people” who helped her fix her tire. If anyone has changed a tire in the New Orleans/UNO area, please come forward. If anyone has seen Hayley or her vehicle, please come forward. 
And please, please reblog this. It’s been nearly four days, and we refuse to lose hope. 
This is the facebook page that has been created to aide in the search, where more information can be found: https://www.facebook.com/HelpFindHayleyHoward

Please reblog, please return this girl home safe to her friends and family

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this is all that matters today.


Jerry O’Connell Is Sorry Too

BREAKING: Jerry O’Connell has an art exhibit directly next to Shia LaBeouf’s in L.A. 7358 Beverly. Today only.

fuck this girl for wearing that but being the skinniest.

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