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Why hello. It is so nice to see you again. If you do not remember, my name is Marlena, and I am a comedy person in in Chicago. I do stand up, and tour with The Second City. You can find me on the internets.

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"How do you make new friends?" Unqualified Advice with Jenny Slate [x]

i don’t think this is bad advice.

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Meet Tomas

When Tomas moved to the states, he lost his girl and his job. Fortunately, he says, Holiday Inn® NYC saved him. He’s now Executive Housekeeper at the Holiday Inn® NYC Lower East Side.

Photo by @scottborrero

We sent talented photographer, Scott Borrero, to Holiday Inn hotels around the country to document extraordinary stories of extraordinary guests.  See more from Scott’s journey.

See more from Scott’s journey.

"He lost his girl and his job…"

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You get a little buzz when you see somebody’s retweeted you, or commented on you, or talked about you on social media. Then that buzz goes away, and you want a little more the next time, so you start checking your phone more, and you become addicted to that kind of attention, and you mistake it for presence in the world, and you can live this strange double life, which Jon [Domhnall Gleeson] lives. His social-media avatar is a very different creature than the person we see so much of in the film. It felt like it was timely, because I don’t think that issue of social-media self-presentation has really found its way into mainstream film yet.
Frank director Lenny Abrahamson talks about his film’s approach to social media, rock ‘n’ roll, mental illness, and the intersection of all three. Read the full interview.  (via thedissolve)
  • The Guardian: Any advice for a 21-year-old who hates their job and has the possibility of traveling the world? And has a boyfriend that they like. (This is for a friend.)
  • Rob Delaney: Go do it. Fuck him. Is he a guy in his 20s? Then he's the least significant type of person on the planet. A male in their 20s? Run in the opposite direction. Nothing he says matters; his fears, his hopes his dreams are garbage. Men in their 20s are the worst thing happening on our planet. Go, go to Uzbekistan, go to South Korea, just go anywhere he isn't because men in their 20s are bad for young women.
  • The Guardian: So what do women in their 20s do?
  • Rob Delaney: Masturbate. Date other women for a while. Use men sexually for a while but don't ever invite their opinion or be bound to them in any way.



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Nate is so so funny get his album now!

Come to this tonight, it’s a great line up at a great venue! Then we can all get drunk at Coles after. 


imageI took this picture of myself at the end of a day I spent in bed, scared and crying, feeling alone and hopeless and completely desperate.

This is the face of my mental illness. This is the face of my sadness when it is at its most inexplicable and its most pronounced.

I am not ashamed of it.

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we all have bad days, you’ll never be alone in that. just find a way to reach out. it can be the hardest thing to do, but most likely your friend will know exactly what you’re talking about.


From the film World’s Greatest Dad. RIP Robin Williams.

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Does this guy fuck his dog?

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